Light and Fun Francophone Films

   Holiday is coming and what’s more comforting than spend our holiday with watching movies all day? As a college student especially i’d like to dedicate my college break to watch movies or tv shows as many as i could because it was hard sometimes to squeeze your schedule to watch movie when school is rolling.

  Well, i’d like to dedicate this post to recommend you films that are worth to watch. Not just some films but french or francophone films! Let me introduce you a little bit into the world of french and francophone cinema. A little background story, i am a french studies and lit student. That’s why, you could say i’m little bit have knowledge about this stuff. I took Studies on French and Francophone Cinema class last year and might as well share my knowledge that i got from this class.

Let’s start with some fun stuff, films that are light and fun to watch (there are some intense ones!)
  • 1.      Petit Nicolas
  • 2.      Les Vacanced du Petit Nicolas
  • 3.      Ma Vie de Courgette

  All those three are kids film but like i said it was fun and good. But even thought they are light and considered films for kids, there are still several things that you could get. Such as Petit Nicolas en Vacances, you’ll get a little piece of how parisiens family live. With the setting long holiday, this film shows you how empty the city of Paris as most of people who live there are moving to touristic place such as place and only tourists who dominates the cafes and restaurants.
Those informations seems obvious and simple right, but sometimes we forget and not notice those simple things. First lesson of watching french and francophone film, be critical, because most of those films always have moral messages and something to tell to the viewers. They want to bring up certain topics that are happening around us not just for selling the tickets or making money. Seriously. Have fun! Comment if you want to ask something.

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