It is somehow pitiful to be always 'waiting for that moment'
to be too naive to believing in fate
and forgetting that human could do amazing things.
Fate is a fate when we put our efforts,love, and passion into it
if not, it just a breeze in the wind.

A reminder for myself to not give up on the hardest path of life, about being grateful, and not lazy-ing around. 


Etude House Moisftull Collagen Moisturizer Review

Etude House is known for its affordable products and that is why it is popular among students or young adults. For the quality itself I never complain about it, it is pretty good considering the price. I love their water tint and their eyebrow pencil and still using it until this day.

Today I want to share my thoughts about a skincare products from Etude House, it is their moisturizer from their Moistfull Collagen line. I already finished up the products so it is honest thoughts after trying the product itself. Let's start with the price. You could check out from their website (here). It is 20.40 USD but i bought it from an online shop for 180,000 IDR. I thought it is kind of expensive when i ordered it but when it came the size of the product is huge, so price wise it is good.

And how did the product works for me? When i bought it my face was in its driest condition. Straight to the point it didn't as hydrating as i would think. It has a gel consistency so  i guess it aims for normal and oily skin. It is really fast to absorb into my skin and not greasy.

The thing that is really bothered me is the smell. I;m no someone really bothers with smell of the skincare products easily but this one does. 

My conclusion is this is a good moisturizer for you guys with normal to oily but careful if you are sensitive with fragrance or alcohol. I could tell from the smell the alcohol is quite strong. Repurchase? Nope.



i am constantly filling my head with negative thoughts. this is one of my 'downs' and i have to battle it everyday this summer break. does god would feels sorry for me to live a life like this? does god would ever feels sorry for my future later? i am actually really scared of my future. i am scared of being a failure and being alone.


5. recovering

the theme for this 3 months long holiday is to recover. life's been a little bit difficult for me. i've been through several things that i don't really want to talk about explicitly because it's enough for me to thinking about and fussing about such thing that makes me sad or down. i'm not proud of myself lately for not living a productive day in this days off college. i know that it's just an excuse for being lazy, those things that makes me down and sad for almost months. but i am trying.


04. you only live once, ma chérie

i am nineteen and i'm in the point of my life where i seek for adventure, opportunities, something new that refresh my mind. nowadays i often said yes to anything. i feel likie i have this fear of having a boring time in my college life. i seek for activities in my campus. if you haven't already know i got accepted as my campus's radio announcer! so exciting right?! one day my friend told me and make me joined for the open recruitment. i was like well let's try. when will i have this opportunity again, besides college is the last last stage before you go into the jungle, we called real life.

now i just applied for this gig... well if i got it then hell yeah! i dont really hope for it though. but i'll let you know if i got it. 



03. july got me thinkin'

You called yourself July, occupation i'm the one who got you out-you wouldn't be here if i were not exist. Yup. July happened to be the month i was born. Exciting. This month i have an ambition to get myself a decent camera. July got me thinkin' it's time! 
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