04. you only live once, ma chérie

i am nineteen and i'm in the point of my life where i seek for adventure, opportunities, something new that refresh my mind. nowadays i often said yes to anything. i feel likie i have this fear of having a boring time in my college life. i seek for activities in my campus. if you haven't already know i got accepted as my campus's radio announcer! so exciting right?! one day my friend told me and make me joined for the open recruitment. i was like well let's try. when will i have this opportunity again, besides college is the last last stage before you go into the jungle, we called real life.

now i just applied for this gig... well if i got it then hell yeah! i dont really hope for it though. but i'll let you know if i got it. 



03. july got me thinkin'

You called yourself July, occupation i'm the one who got you out-you wouldn't be here if i were not exist. Yup. July happened to be the month i was born. Exciting. This month i have an ambition to get myself a decent camera. July got me thinkin' it's time! 


How I Remove Background From an Image/Picture

For me this is one of the most useful things that i could do with photoshop. There are tons of tutorials out there showed up when you type on search engine that could be overwhelming. i remember the first time i finally want to try some editing with photoshop. I went tumblr and search for the tutorials.i opened 6-8 different tutorials with different techniques. Now i could say i found a technique that really works for me.Guess that is the thing about photoshop, not everything in tutorials you've found are works for you. And let's begin!


when your scores of this semester come out and be like.....

well, finalement! i created something. The thing about me is when i brainstorming for ideas, especially this kind of thing my brain is working too much, so much ideas come in and really overwhelm myself. which i'll keep in mind to always write all of ideas in one place. *finger crossed and shout out to my favorite resources photoshop blog chaoticresources.tumblr.com . Please go check it out, it is amazing! xx please comment down below, if you have any critique or suggestion :) 



Well, welcome! after taking a good amount of time to revamp this blog, editing here and there- here we go, my personal blog i dedicate especially for my photoshop editing works. Because of long long holiday ahead of me i want to spend and focusing my times doing positive things.

p.s you can follow me on ig @ameliajulisdianti
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