How I Remove Background From an Image/Picture

For me this is one of the most useful things that i could do with photoshop. There are tons of tutorials out there showed up when you type on search engine that could be overwhelming. i remember the first time i finally want to try some editing with photoshop. I went tumblr and search for the tutorials.i opened 6-8 different tutorials with different techniques. Now i could say i found a technique that really works for me.Guess that is the thing about photoshop, not everything in tutorials you've found are works for you. And let's begin!

  1. Open the image 
  2. I'm using the selection tool. This tool is really make it easier and faster, but it depends on your image's resolution. The highest the resolution the easier :D
  3. Don't forget to layer from the background or it won't work
  4. After you done select the portion of the image, right click > select inverse
  5. Then hit delete button. 
  6.  right click >  deselect (ctrl + d)
  7. that's it!


  1. Wow, I've needed this function a couple of times with my photos but never knew how to do it. So helpful, thanks!

    xx Kris



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